Daily schedule

Eco Yoga centre workshops & retreat daily schedule       

6.30am :                       MEDITATION / PRANAYAMA / CHI KUNG 

7am to 8.30am :          SELF PRACTICE:  Yoga / Tai Chi or  Healing Massage 

8.30 am to 9.30 am:    BREAKFAST    
 9.30 am to 11.30 am:    KARMA YOGA  
12 pm to 1 pm :    LUNCH
1 to 5 pm:  FREE TIME (siesta, beach ,sight seeing…)  

5pm to 7 pm :   YOGA /TAIJIQUAN WORKSHOP             Or 5pm to 8 pm:   HEALING MASSAGES  WORKSHOP      8pm to 9 pm:   DINNER                                            

 9 pm to 10.30 pm: SATSANG & EVENING MEDITATION   10.30 pm :  SLEEPING TIME   
   Morning time until 8.30 am the schedule is non compulsory excepted for Healing Massage  & Tai Chi students .         

Karma Yoga the selflessness service is very important to feel connected with the wood, working in the wood together is wonderful.

Arcadi & Tania  fixing the roof

Natacha making holes in the grounds to plant wooden pilars

     Marina from Russia

         making fences

  Marina, Anna Lena, Dagmar, Rosa and Sofia

Tania Sophie & Astrid protecting the casita

Dagmar from Tcheck republic

Tania making fences in the wood

Jean François ,Astrid, Sophie and Tania

Sophie Anna Lena & Isabelle                           roof construction

Anna Lena making board to protect the  wild animals

 Sofia from Spain making a pergola