TAI CHI & CHI KUNG WORKSHOPS                                      

13 steps Mantak Chia    Tai Chi Chi Kung from Mantak Chia            Taoist Master (1 week 480€)  


24 Orthodox fromBeijing    Precision in movements, How to feel the Chi ,  Wisdom Chi Kung                       & Martial applications  (2 weeks 780€)

TAI CHI  is the most internal Chinese martial art and at the same time a beautiful moving meditation. These graceful slow motions need great precision and control of the body and breath. The effects are very deep at the internal level.

The precise Tai Chi postures open and undo energetic blockages in one’s energy channels. To get correct alignment and precision in the Tai Chi forms, Natacha has studied different Tai Chi forms as well as working with inner energy and internal moving meditation in Tai Chi Chuan with great Chinese masters.  This technique is also a spiritual way of life using body movements as moving meditation to help us to connect our inner self with the Divine.


How to feel your Chi /              
Condensing breathing /                
Generating Jing from Chi/                
Bone Marrow Nei Kung /          
Cosmic 6 healings sounds .....

Tai Chi formations 

followed :

Master Koay (1994 -2000)                                          Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia                     37 Chen Man Ching &  Kung Fu Fan

Master Tan Hock Soon (1994-2000)                  Yang & Chen Styles                                                   24 Steps Orthodox from Beijing           
 42 Steps Bare Hands   
 42 Steps Sword competition  
Tai Chi Chuan Fan  Yang Style                     
 36 Chen Style                                         
 Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia  

Lady Wu Shu Centre (1999)  
42 Steps Bare Hands competition    
42 Steps Sword competition                
Georgetown, Penang Island.

                                      24 Steps Orthodox from Beijing  
 (certified on 22/10/1995) Master Tan Hock Soon,Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia                                                                
 The Tai Chi pictures             are from Mr.Shridar         Mysore, Karnataka India.